Edgewise Video and Pre orders
March 7th, 2017

The Pre Orders for the new Edgewise 7" "Angels and Addicts" is up. We have shirts, long sleeves and,Champion Hoodie bundles for this release. This is the first release from this band in 20 years and it is so good. Check out the video for the song " Choked Out"

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  • Edgewise-Angels and Addicts
    Edgewise-Angels and Addicts
  • The Bearer-Fiction
    The Bearer-Fiction
  • Edgewise-Angels and Addicts 7"/T-shirt combo
    Edgewise-Angels and Addicts 7
  • Edgewise Angels and Addicts 7" and Long sleeve Bundle
    Edgewise Angels and Addicts 7
  • Edgewise-Angels and Addicts 7" and Champion Hoodie Bundle
    Edgewise-Angels and Addicts 7
  • Get A Grip-Endless+Green Peaks
    Get A Grip-Endless+Green Peaks
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