Venomspitter/DSGNS CTR-7

This is a split between Richmond VA's Venomspitter and Austin,TX's DSGNS. DSGNS who just recently put out a full length called HEXES on Pluto Records in 2015 play hardcore in the vein of Botch,Coalesce, and Dillinger Escape Plan.Venomspitter who put out a six song S/T EP in 2015 play hardcore in the vein of Nails and All Pigs Must Die.This was pressed on 3 colors green/black mix,blue/black mix, and white/black mix.

Track Listing

  1. We are only as free as our most oppressed
  2. Woodrow Wilson was human scum that resurrected the KKK
  3. Polar Opposites
  4. Chemical Peel
  5. Damager

Pressing Information

First Press

23 Test presses
103 White mix
105 Green mix
103 Blue Mix
15 Test Tapes
100 Solid Pink Tapes
100 Digipak cd's