Ends Meet-Nothing to Show CTR-2

This 5 piece hardcore band Shares members with Warrior Prince, Violence To Fade, Revenge, and a medley of other Western Mass bands, these guys come together and managed to pump out a demo and full length within two months of being a band. Fast old school sounding hardcore the vein of Floorpunch.

Releases on 3/25/15

Figured Out
Face It
Everyone Else
Nothing To Show
Steer Clear
Wont Get The Best Of Me
Rick Step

Track Listing

  1. Unity
  2. Figured Out
  3. Face It
  4. Everyone Else
  5. Nothing To Show
  6. Steer Clear
  7. Clueless
  8. Won't Get The Best Of Me
  9. Ric Step

Pressing Information

Pressing Info:

10 Test Presses (11 there was one with the plates)
101 on clear vinyl
150 on mixed vinyl
250 on black vinyl
(50 black w/ record release covers )