Better Days-Away Team CTR-20

St. Louis, MO melodic hardcore unit Better Days have been producing lightening fast songs that teeter between hardcore and punk for a few years now. In early 2017 Better Days re-structured their line-up adding two new members, and an arsenal of songs that are executed at breakneck speeds. Their style is reminiscent of hardcore acts like: Kill Your Idols, Gorilla Biscuits, and Reach the Sky, but executed at So-Cal skate punk tempos. 2018 and beyond will bring the opportunities of more shows, traveling, and recording – it’s safe to say Better Days shows no signs of slowing down.
To stay up to date with Better Days, or if you would like to link up for a show follow their social media handles:

Instagram: betterdays_stl
Twitter: @betterdays314

Release date 9/1/2018

Track Listing

  1. IntroRed Scorpion
  2. The Last Boyscout
  3. Raw Deal
  4. State Property

Pressing Information

15 test press
112 red/swirl
220 purple
222 white