Drug Control-S/T CTR-5

Drug Control-S/T 7"-SXE Hardcore from San Diego,CA, Fast hardcore, FFO of Youth of Today,SSD and Agnostic front. this is a split label release between CoinTossRecords and Straight and Alert Records (France).So for European Customers go to to save some money on shipping.You can download and stream this record from iTunes,Spotify, Amazon and many other digital outlets.

Released 5/11/15

Building Bridges
Enough is Enough
Endless Cycle
Cause of You
Like Brothers

Track Listing

  1. Building Bridges
  2. Enough is Enough
  3. Endless Cycle
  4. Cause of you
  5. Llike brothers

Pressing Information

15 test presses
103 clear red
146 mix vinyl (96 w/ pre order cover, 50 will have record release covers)
252 black

2nd Press

200 on clear vinyl