Spirits-S/T CTR-4

Amazing SXE Hardcore band from Boston,MA. Featuring EX members of Test Of Time, Beartrap and No Harm Done to name a couple.This record is 5 songs that you will not want to stop listening. The layout is a 6 panel tri fold cover with Black and White photos, And we did different transparencies to make different covers(records release,pre-order,etc), come with insert.You can download and stream this record from iTunes,Spotify, Amazon and many other digital outlets.

Released 2/27/15


Spinning Webs
What Separates Us
In My Way
Kill this Sound

Track Listing

  1. Break Out
  2. Spinning Webs
  3. What Separates Us
  4. In My Way
  5. Kill This Sound

Pressing Information

Pressing Info:

(First Press)
*14 Test Press (pressing plant found another 4 they forgot to send with the first press)

*54 Clear Vinyl
-2 clear w/black splatter

*49 Clear Green w/ black splatter
-1 is teal with black splatter
-33 have record release covers

*199 Smoke Vinyl (range anywhere from a light to a really dark)
-58 have European tour cover

*200 Black Vinyl
- 27 have Pre order covers
-57 have European tour cover

Second Press:

*302 on solid pink with 4 panel layout
*92 black on black with 6 panel layout