This is Hell-Bastards Still Remain CTR-10

This 12 song 7" was recorded in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Sundowning. The 12-song release was recorded last week with producer Brett Romnes at Hopatcong, NJ's Barber Shop Studios. Vocalist Travis Reilly, guitarist Rick Jimenez, and drummer Dan Bourke had all performed on Sundowning, while the bassist for Bastards Still Remain is Johnny Moore.Each record comes with a digital download.

Travis Reilly - vocals
Rick Jimenez - guitar, vocals
Johnny Moore - bass
Dan Bourke - drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered 5/8/16 by Brett Romnes at The Barber Shop Studios (Hopatcong, NJ)
Artwork by Ryan Miller
Logo by Will Blood

Rick Jimenez uses Mesa Boogie amplification, ESP guitars, Ernie Ball strings, EMG pickups, In-Tune guitar picks, Nady Wireless, Maxon Effects pedals.
Dan Boure uses SJC Custom Drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks, Remo drum heads
This is Hell wear Private Hell Clothing and drink Redbull.

Track Listing

  1. Bastards Still Remain
  2. Excuses Pile Up
  3. Space Mountain
  4. You Think I Don't Know
  5. In The Name Of...
  6. Anarchy On Atlantic
  7. Among Us All
  8. Never Will It Stop
  9. Absolute Power Corrupts
  10. This Is Hell
  11. Retaliate
  12. No Martyr

Pressing Information

-Test press-26
-Dirty White Vinyl-78
-Green Viny-192(turquoise-15,Dark Green-34,Clear Green-39,Forest Green-64,Mint Green 38,Forest Green/White-2)
-Black Vinyl -269 (31 with Pre Order Cover)(Black/White-13)