Get A Grip-Endless+Green Peaks CTR-11

This is the CD version of Get A Grip's Endless record. The cd have 15 tracks the 10 track from Endless and the 5 track from their Green Peaks EP put out in 2014.The vinyl version is being released by Speedway in the UK. Comes with digital download

This is a pre order and should be out by 10/15/16. If you order anything else with this item the whole order will ship at the same time.

Endless was records mixed and mastered by Vincent Freeman of Green Mountain Records in Bethel, Vermon.

GET A GRIP is a Vermont hardcore band, pulling its influence from others such as TRIAL, GO IT ALONE, early COMEBACK KID, GORILLA BISCUITS, HAVE HEART and many others. These influences shine through in GAG’s fast, intense playing and high-powered vocals.

Track Listing

  1. Equals
  2. Fair Weather
  3. Ali
  4. Believe
  5. Waste of Time
  6. Fear Monger
  7. Subject to Change
  8. Nothing Left
  9. Anger
  10. New Age of Hell
  11. Green Peaks - Dark Valleys
  12. Breaker
  13. Atticus
  14. Paper Dreams
  15. Coldfront

Pressing Information

Cd first press: