Sick Symptom 7"/Digital01/22/15 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-1


Flesh to Dust
Claim To Be

Head on the Tracks

Pressing Info:

10 Test presses
169 on clear blue (some have white mixed in)
380 on black

Ends Meet-Nothing To Show 7"/Digital3/25/15 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-2

Figured Out
Face It
Everyone Else
Nothing To Show
Steer Clear
Wont Get The Best Of Me
Rick Step

Pressing Info:

10 Test Presses (11 there was one with the plates)
101 on clear vinyl
150 on mixed vinyl
250 on black vinyl
(50 black w/ record release covers )

Killer Shades-No Comply Tape/Digital1/4/15 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-3

Pressing Info:

1st Press:
1 half test tape/half printed tape
2 test tapes
100 solid red tapes

Spirits-S/T 7"/Digital2/27/15 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-4

Spirits is: Kevin,Mike,Robert,Kevin,and Charles

Recorded by Robert and Charles at No Control Studios
Mixed by Matt Russell,Robert and Charles
Mastered by Charles
Art by Charles

Spirits supports a drug free lifestyle


Spinning Webs
What Separates Us
In My Way
Kill this Sound

Pressing Info:

(First Press)
*14 Test Press (pressing plant found another 4 they forgot to send with the first press)

*54 Clear Vinyl
-2 clear w/black splatter

*49 Clear Green w/ black splatter
-1 is teal with black splatter
-33 have record release covers

*199 Smoke Vinyl (range anywhere from a light to a really dark)
-58 have European tour cover

*200 Black Vinyl
- 27 have Pre order covers
-57 have European tour cover

Second Press:

*302 on solid pink with 4 panel layout
*92 black on black with 6 panel layout

Drug Control-S/T 7"/Digital5/11/15 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-5

This is a split label release with Straight and Alert records in France.

Recorded by Alex Jacobelli
Mastered by New Alliance East

Building Bridges
Enough is Enough
Endless Cycle
Cause of You
Like Brothers

21 test presses
103 clear red
146 mix vinyl (96 w/ pre order cover, 50 will have record release covers)
252 black


200 on Clear (1 with small black mark)

The Record Collection-Revolutions 7"/Digital10/1/15 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-6

Recorded at Scotch Chamber Studios
Engineered by Curtis Plummer
Produced by Thomas McDonald and Curtis Plummer
Mastered by Curtis Plummer
Layout and Art work by Christopher Klinck

1 Acetate
13 test presses
109 on Red
153 on blue
253 on black (52 black with record release covers).

Venomspitter/DSGNS split 7"/Tape/CD2/11/16 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-7

Pressing Info:

23 Test Presses
103 blue/black (35 with record release covers)
105 green/black (35 with record release covers)
103 grey
15 test tapes
100 solid pink tapes
100 digipak cd's

Spirits/Die Faster split 7"/Tape5/19/2016 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-8

Split label release with State of Mind Recordings

Pressing info:
50 orange Zombie cover (CoinToss Pre Order)
50 Purple Zombie Cover (State Of Mind Pre Order)
100 Purple Octopus Cover
300 Red Spider Cover

Blessed-S/T 12"/Digital10/15/16 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-9

Split label release with Kingfisher Bluez

Pressing Info:

15 Test Press
500 black 12" with etched B-Side (20 with Pre Order Cover)

This Is Hell - Bastards Still Remain 7"/Digital10/15/16 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-10

This 12 song 7" was recorded in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Sundowning. The 12-song release was recorded last week with producer Brett Romnes at Hopatcong, NJ's Barber Shop Studios. Vocalist Travis Reilly, guitarist Rick Jimenez, and drummer Dan Bourke had all performed on Sundowning, while the bassist for Bastards Still Remain is Johnny Moore.

Travis Reilly - vocals
Rick Jimenez - guitar, vocals
Johnny Moore - bass
Dan Bourke - drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered 5/8/16 by Brett Romnes at The Barber Shop Studios (Hopatcong, NJ)
Artwork by Ryan Miller
Logo by Will Blood

Rick Jimenez uses Mesa Boogie amplification, ESP guitars, Ernie Ball strings, EMG pickups, In-Tune guitar picks, Nady Wireless, Maxon Effects pedals.
Dan Boure uses SJC Custom Drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks, Remo drum heads
This is Hell wear Private Hell Clothing and drink Redbull.

Pressing Info:

26 Test press
White Vinyl-117
Green Viny-154l(turquoise-17,Dark Green-34,Clear Green-39,Forest Green-64)
Black Vinyl -268 (31 with Pre Order Cover)

This Is Hell-Full Length Tape Discography2/19/18 · CTR-10.1

First Press #1-100 (3 different covers, same design but different lyrics)
Bastards Still Remain-Clear tape with black tint
Misfortunes- Solid Brown
Sundowning-Solid Red
BlackMass-Solid Silver
Weight Of The World-Solid Black

Get A Grip-Endless 1/30/2017 · CoinTossRecords · CTR-11

This is the CD version of Get A Grip's Endless record. The cd have 15 tracks the 10 track from Endless and the 5 track from their Green Peaks EP put out in 2014.The vinyl version is being released by Speedway in the UK

Endless was records mixed and mastered by Vincent Freeman of Green Mountain Records in Bethel, Vermon.

GET A GRIP is a Vermont hardcore band, pulling its influence from others such as TRIAL, GO IT ALONE, early COMEBACK KID, GORILLA BISCUITS, HAVE HEART and many others. These influences shine through in GAG’s fast, intense playing and high-powered vocals.