Sunstroke-Second Floor/Seven lp CTR-22

Sunstroke, from Philadelphia and surrounding areas: is a band that started with an honest intention of friends getting together to write the kind of songs that they wanted and felt motivated to. With a heavy focus on “Revolution Summer” era bands like: Dag Nasty, Embrace, Rain and Rites of Spring, but also a larger range of influence from 80’s Brit-Pop, Shoegaze and Minneapolis greats Hüsker Dü, and The Replacements. While keeping a strong handle on the ethos and social justice elements of Hardcore/Punk, Sunstroke looks to offer a sound and content for audiences to resonate with.

CoinTossRecord and NMZ will have different color way shirts for pre order with logos on left chest, we also have a 5 panel hat that will just be a pre order item, the pre order ends on Sept 19th.

Release date Oct 5th, 2018

Track Listing

  1. Richard Spencer
  2. Dominic
  3. Second Floor
  4. Complaint Dept
  5. The Threat of Nostalgia
  6. Procedure 203-11
  7. Six Years-Tears
  8. 83 Cents
  9. Revival
  10. Lehigh Viaduct (Heroin Highway)

Pressing Information

test presses-20
red/blue blast -1
blue/black blast-1
egg shell-2
Dirty white-2
root beer-5
red/blue mix-5
red/orange burst-8 (E-Block)
white smear-30 (Friends and family)
Solid Yellow-47 (rev exclusive)
Gold -88 (Band Color)
Red-154 (NMZ Color)
blue-155 (CoinToss Color)