Good Touch-S/T lp CTR-19

Good Touch are a skate inspired melodic hardcore band from the great banks of the Duwamish River in Seattle Washington. Featuring current and ex members of Land of Wolves, Crutches, Marginal Way and Three Found Dead. Fueled by pizza, skate punk, Hardcore and their love for playing fast. Good Touch has put out a fun outpouring of youth crew mixed with west coast skate punk played by guys capable of ripping it up! There were 300 pressed 100 on Yellow (CoinToss color),100 on green (Don't Sleep Ink/band color,100 on opaque violet (Snatchee Records color). We have a limited pre order with a custom Good Touch finger board (see second image for graphic).

Release Date is June 29th 2018

Track Listing

  1. Good Touch-01 Good Touch
  2. Good Touch-02 All Together
  3. Good Touch- 03 Failing Upward
  4. Good Touch - 04 One Hundred Years
  5. Good Touch - 05 Translating Frequencies ft. Jacob Bevan
  6. Good Touch - 06 Here Today
  7. Good Touch -07 Times Past Spent
  8. Good Touch -08 Bomb Hills Not Countries

Pressing Information

Test Press-10
Opaque Violet-100 (Snatchee Records color)
Green-100 (Band Color)
Opaque Yellow 100 (CoinTossRecords color)