Drag Me Under-Dead Dudes On Dead Horses

Drag Me Under is from Reno, Nevada. They play music exactly how they want to, loud and heavy. Mix Rock, Metal, and hardcore with a hint of southern twang. This is for all 3 Colors (Black, Orange, and Smokey Haze) copies and as always comes with a digital download card. Save a few dollars and pick all 3 colors up with this package.

For Fans of: Cancer Bats, Everytime I Die, Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster


1 The March
2 The Spread Gun from Contra
3 Song of the Landshark
4 Real Men Don't Throw Fits, They Throw Cars
5 The Rancor
6 Unmarked Grave
7 Check Yes or No, If No Please Pass to Friend
8 Denim Wasp
9 The Alabama Division
10 Smoke Screens And Oil Slicks
11 The Jungle Came Alive and Took Them
12 Dead Dudes On Dead Horses

Pressing Information

130 Black
370 Orange
69 Smokey Haze