Funerals "Autoscopy"
Following up their well received debut 7" on Blasphemour Records, this time Funerals brought in original Abnegation front man, Iggy Imig, to do guest vocals. His first appearance on a track since the mid 90s. FFO Abnegation, Disembodied

Great Reversals "Jaws"
Fresh off the heels of their recent LP release on State of Mind Recordings/Bitter Melody/Hydrogen Man Records, Great Reversals bring their special style of Hardcore, with great lyrics and hints of Harvest and Trial.

Unrestrained "This Ain't hot Rod Magazine, Pal!"
With releases on SA Mob, Trip Machine, and more, Unrestrained brings their first new song since their 2013 LP "Forward Onto Death." This is also their first release featuring new member John LaCroix (Ten Yard Fight.) FFO of Undertow, Unbroken, Kiss It Goodbye.

Liars Cult "Humanity's Filth"
Following up their demo cassette on Blasphemour Records, Liars Cult continues their growth as a new band and expands their sound. Featuring ex-members of Bleeding Through and Mean Season.

Pressing Information

107 - Half Ox Blood/Half Mustard 7" Vinyl
163 - Black Vinyl
273 - Ox Blood Vinyl