Black Communion" The Traveler" 10"

Black Communion's "The Traveler" features 3 crushing songs which serve as a reminder that time and music are circular. A contemporary take on hardcore with metallic sentiments that feel much like the early 2000's, yet still find ways to interject dissonant punk, complex rhythm, and occasional melody into cohesive and captivating songs. FFO: CAVE IN, BREACH, CONVERGE

This will be released as a one sided 10" lathe cut record with a screen printed B side. Lathe cuts are hand cut records that come in small runs (we are doing 40-50 copies of this release) to create unique releases with some sacrifice to fidelity and volume while maintaining the features and gratification of a traditional vinyl release. All records will come with a high-quality download code.

Pressing Information

only 49 made