Old Flings/Gameface split

Hey Y'all. Heads up. A while back Old flings did a limited fest lathe cut of an acoustic version of "Funeral Mixtape." It sold out super fast so SPEEDOWAX Records are releasing the song again with GRIP (from Spite) Grip" is definitely one of the best long-distance relationship songs that would go perfectly on a mixtape when your girlfriend is about to go off to school at some fancy-pants university and you're still stuck in wherever with your mediocre job.Sonically, it's a rockin' tune. It's got catchy hooks and riffs for days, enough there to turn any man with good music taste on to this awesome band on a 7" split with the amazing.. GAMEFACE! who have given us" Frames" One of their finest moments ...For those of you familiar with the LP, you'll already know that this is a perfect tune with Jeff Caudill's ability to pen the hookiest guitar hooks of the genre! The reformed line-up sounds like they are hungry for more and the unreleased B-side is a Simply beautiful acoustic Version pressed on the best looking/sounding vinyl sure makes this 7" a great addition to the vinyl catalogues of old fans and new alike
a quality 4 song split record ! its gonna be a classic record pressed with love and clear focus.

Pressing Information

Metallic Gold w/ Blue Swirl
Limited Clear lemon w/orange swirl