DEAD HEARTS - A Death in the Family

In September of 2008, DEAD HEARTS played their last show. At that show they released a portion of their last recording session as A Death in the Family ep. This 3 song cdep was pressed only once, limited to 100 copies and sold out at that show. Later they went back and finished up one last track to release this, the last 4 recorded songs by DEAD HEARTS.

This four song 7 comes with 11 track digital download that includes All Good Things Must End(live @ cbgbs) & A Death in the Family.

Pressing Information

Pre-Order Version (w/ hand sewn neck and actual razor in hand) = 50
Pre-Order 3 x 7 inch set (limited covers) = 30
Black regular cover = 240
White regular cover = 369
Purple regular cover = 217