KIMACHI - Seperation Anxiety

Boston's KIMACHI was founded in Spring of 2014, and has spent the last two years relentlessly recording and releasing their own brand of hardcore. Combining the aggression and pace of bands like ROTTING OUT and TERROR with the unchecked emotion of bands like VERSE and DEFEATER, KIMACHI seeks to engage and enrage on the deepest level.

2016's Separation Anxiety, produced by Charles Chaussinand of Spirits, serves as the band's strongest statement to date. The first words "Consumed by overwhelming," set the tone for an emotional and raw ep that fans of VERSE, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, and RUINER are sure to love.

It says there were 50 made on red tapes, but the tapes are stamped with 30's on them

Pressing Information

50 on red tapes