Comprised of 9 tracks racking in at just under 42 minutes, the self-titled debut from GOLDEN HOLY is a surprisingly joyous statement of purpose framed atop a lushly-orchestrated and deceivingly down-tempo soundscape. Whereas many other bands have taken the slow-indie concept and simply meandered aimlessly like miserable bastards, GOLDEN HOLY ascends far beyond the trappings and instead delivers a concise blend of both whimsy AND power over the nostalgic and lilting beauty of their songs. Tracks like "Sons of Dreams" and "Maybe the Books were Wrong" deliver engrossingly full-pitch vocal hooks destined to be sung en masse live. Meanwhile "A Whale's Tooth" shows us that, even at their most stripped down and quiet, GOLDEN HOLY know how to leave an instantly-memorable and lasting impression with listeners.
released June 30, 2009

Jason Fiske, Joshua Latham, Cosmo DiGiulio, Lynsey Oetinger, Robert Mallory, Eli Cohn, Julie McDougal, Michael McDougal, J.S. Courting, Tyler Keene